Saturday, April 9, 2011

Super Tired Saturday Morning

Did anyone hear the loudest rain drops last night?? I did! I saw lightning that looked like it was going to hit the sidewalk closest to our home. Now it is 8 in the morning and the sun is peeking through the clouds, with no rain. This is Orange County for you. The weather changes so often, and most of the time it is beautiful weather! This is probably the reason it is so expensive to live here. Homes range from $300,00 to over 1 Million dollars.

Our trip to San Diego was so fun. The kids loved the zoo. My daughter kept asking if the animals were real. She couldn't believe that they were. She fed the giraffes,and saw so many different odd looking mammals. She loved the name of one bird called the "white-bellied go-away bird". Who chose that name? My son on the other hand..he is such an observer. He enjoyed seeing everything from his stroller, and eating snacks was his favorite thing to do at the zoo. Every time I let him out of the stroller he wanted to climb into the animals cage. He obviously has no fear, and doesn't understand that HE will be the snack.

The nice thing about having passes is that we don't have to try to fit everything in one day. We enjoyed a few things, and then we can plan our next trip for another time. It is all worth it for the price. There isn't even a charge for parking. I think places like this are so educational. We talk about animals all the time, but being able to actually go there and see them is so neat.

Girl with autism has an amazing breakthrough!


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