Monday, June 30, 2014

Focused on the sky...

Kailyn's Poem (age 7)

My eye is focused on the sky,
I really want to fly!
I don't think i should try.
Oh, but i really want to fly!
I will buy a kite
So i can fly it at night!
Now i have a kite,
That is just right!
Oh, how i really want to fly.

Don't you wish you could fly too?? I used to always look up at the clouds as a kid and wish that I could sit on a cloud and just roam around the sky. 
What did you imagine as a kid? 
Comment below. I would love to hear your stories!


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Thursday, June 26, 2014

The FIRE TRUCK is old enough...

I told Avery to take her fire truck out of the bathroom yesterday and here is how our conversation went. 

Me " Avery please take your fire truck out of the bathroom, so it doesn't get yucky"
Avery "no, it not Yucky!".
Me"Avery, now! you  need to take the fire truck out of the bathroom".
Avery"No!, I love him!". 
Me" I know you love your fire truck, but you need to take it to the play room now".
Avery " no, He's old enough". 

Who won this argument?? lol

Avery has loved this fire truck since she was old enough to sit on it...and will ride it all around the house. she is too funny!

Maybe she will be a fire woman some day! 

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I"M BACK! Check it out...check it out..check it out NOW!

 It feels so good to be back, but I honestly didn't know where to start because my last post was way back in 2012. 

When I wrote last, my third child was only 3 months old. Now she is 2 1/2! 

so.. After brainstorming, i realized that the most important thing that I wanted to share with you was about how my life has changed tremendously. I have lost nearly 67 lbs since my 3rd child was born. I am finally down to a healthy weight, and the best part is, that I feel so GREAT! 

Along with my gym workouts, our family has decided to eat healthier and put better foods in our bodies. Since this change has taken place, we all have felt so wonderful.

learning to give our kids all the servings of fruits and vegetables that they are supposed to have has become a huge challenge. Our lives are so busy. We cannot seem to consume 6 servings of fruits and vegetables every single day! 

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We have taken Juice Plus for awhile now, and it has changed our thinking process for the better. We are no longer desiring fast foods(although, we are not perfect) , and the kids love it! this is just an addition to our growing family! LOL

Do you want to feel better about your body? Do you want to eat healthier foods? Do you want to help your kids avoid getting sick all the time? 
If you answered yes to these questions , you ARE ready for a change! 

trust me, I was skeptical for awhile, but my heart wanted my kids to have a better life as they grow older. I decided to take the chance. How could it hurt to be healthy?? It can't... you just have to step your foot down and say YES! 

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