Thursday, June 26, 2014

The FIRE TRUCK is old enough...

I told Avery to take her fire truck out of the bathroom yesterday and here is how our conversation went. 

Me " Avery please take your fire truck out of the bathroom, so it doesn't get yucky"
Avery "no, it not Yucky!".
Me"Avery, now! you  need to take the fire truck out of the bathroom".
Avery"No!, I love him!". 
Me" I know you love your fire truck, but you need to take it to the play room now".
Avery " no, He's old enough". 

Who won this argument?? lol

Avery has loved this fire truck since she was old enough to sit on it...and will ride it all around the house. she is too funny!

Maybe she will be a fire woman some day! 

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