Monday, May 16, 2011


My husband got the kids addicted to this place called Pho Ha Noi which is Vietnamese food. They call it "the Noodle Place". I haven't had enough courage to try anything else there except what the kids eat. David gets a bowl called "Pho" which is typically a soup made with beef broth, chicken, and rice noodles(he gets egg noodles instead). It also comes with a plate of fresh herbs and spices to throw in the soup as well. The place is always packed so it must be pretty good!

This Vietnamese place is also right next to Baskin Robbins Ice cream, so I am trying to see if the kids are just tricking us that they LOVE the noodle place, or they just want Ice cream afterwards LOL.

So next time, I'll say "ok we can go to the Noodle Place but... no Ice Cream..And see what they say. :)

Need a father's day gift idea? Have you ever been to Color Me Mine?on Wednesdays(check your location for the kids day) kids paint for $5 plus the price of the piece. Some of the pieces could be really expensive, but if you pick something small then its like a $20-$25 Father's Day gift. Perfect! kailyn has gone a couple times, and Luke has painted something, and they both LOVE it! Parents always love something their child makes :)

Just after talking about 118 Degrees restaurant, today there is a deal on the groupon website. $20 for $45 worth of Brunch there. If you are not a member of Groupon yet, click here to see the deal has many deals again.. but Box creations is so cute. easy to assemble playhouses for your kids. Click here to check it out

don't forget to sign your child up for free bowling all summer long at pick your nearest location to see if they are participating!

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